DMX Tester & Terminator 3 Pin XLR


DMX Tester & Terminator 3 Pin XLR

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The simple inexpensive DMX Tester and Terminator will allow users to see if a device is properly sending or receiving a DMX Signal. Also, it will work as a Terminator and prevents the fast DMX signal from bouncing back down the line and causing flicker and other problems. It is safe to leave this product connected all the time.

How it Works

  • Orange/Yellow LED: A orange/yellow LED indicates a good DMX signal.
  • Red LED: if you see red only then you have DMX signal problem such as inverse polarity.
  • No LED: If the LED is off then you have pin 2 or 3 cut off.

High Quality Material

  • Bicolor LED Diode
  • Genuine Neutrik XLR Male 3 Pin
  • 120 ohms, 2 W Resistor Non-Flammable

Warranty: 1 Year