CueServer Series DMX Playback Device


CueServer Series DMX Playback Device

CueServer are powerful lighting control and show playback processors designed to be completely self-contained and extremely cost effective. Available in a series of models, these powerhouse controllers provide limitless solutions to the lighting professionals.

CueServer is a complete lighting playback and integration processor, featuring advanced DMX lighting control, sophisticated event scripting and robust I/O capabilities combined in a tiny web-based device. Great for both architectural and entertainment lighting control projects, CueServer provides an unprecedented level of control and customization in an easy-to-use package.

CueServer includes a built-in web server that provides access to a full complement of lighting controls, show programming and playback features without the need for special software or an Internet connection.

Apps for iPhone and iPad are available for direct control and/or programming of CueServer, or use with other 3rd party software that have been written to use CueServer as its DMX interface.

After CueServer is programmed, it can function as a stand-alone show controller, leveraging its built-in real-time clock/calendar, astronomical time functions, button and contact closure inputs, and wide variety of event triggers to interact with the outside world. Integrate CueServer with other external devices via RS-232 serial, Ethernet connectivity and more for fully custom lighting and show control solutions.

CS-810 | CueServer Mini
The CueServer Mini includes a switching power supply, mounting flanges, RJ45 to Male 5-Pin XLR Adaptor for DMX input, and RJ45 to Female 5-Pin XLR Adaptor for DMX input. Alternate power supply options are available for this product. If you would like to order this product with an Australian Plug Set or a UK/European Plug Set, please include that request on the “Order Notes” section at checkout.

CS-900 | CueServer 2 Pro
Includes rack mounted CueServer 2 with power supply, four empty DMX module panels, rack mounting brackets, terminal blocks and 1,024 Channel License

CS-920 | CueServer 2 Mini (New)
Includes CueServer 2 Mini with power supply, two empty DMX module panels, terminal block and 512 Channel License.

CS-950 | CueServer 2 DIN (New)
Includes DIN-Rail mounted CueServer 2 with terminal blocks, mounting flanges and 1,024 Channel License (power supply not included)

CS-UNIV | CueServer 2 Add-On Universe License (New)
Adds one additional universe of channels to CueServer 2 (up to a maximum of 32 universe per unit; please order with unit or provide unit’s serial number to apply to)

Key Features:

  • Completely self-contained lighting playback controller
  • Seamlessly handles static scenes, crossfading and real-time “streaming” DMX playback
  • Web-based “live” operation and programming
  • Powerful CueScript programming language
  • Handles up to 4 independent timelines
  • Locally program lighting scenes or snapshot from external DMX source
  • Network multiple CueServer units together to control a large number of channels or devices
  • On-board real-time clock with astronomical functions and 365-day calendar events
  • System integration via Ethernet, RS-232 and Digital I/O
  • Easily interfaces with Crestron®, Vantage®, AMX® and other automation systems
  • Huge onboard memory and removable memory card slot
  • Rugged anodized extruded aluminum housing
  • Removable “slide-in” flanges for surface mounting

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