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xpd 5 pin

Swisson RDM & DMX A/B Splitter

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Product Description

XPD-28 splitters boost, refresh and distribute the DMX signals of two inputs onto eight outputs. This allows for safely going beyond the 32 devices limit of the DMX standard, as well as for building star topologies. Moreover, the XPD-28 can be used as a repeater in order to transport a DMX signal across larger distances just as well.

2:8, rack mountable DMX and RDM splitter, 5- pin XLR

2:8, rack mountable DMX and RDM splitter, 3- pin XLR

2:8, rack mountable DMX and RDM splitter, RJ45


  • OLED display.
  • Metal button/ potentiometer
  • Amplifies/ boosts DMX
  • Splits and cleans DMX signal
  • RDM Protocol
  • Enhanced DMX data regeneration
  • Individual optical isolation on all ports
  • Realtime DMX monitoring
  • DMX Framerate display
  • DMX channel overview
  • 19″ Rack mountable



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