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STICK DE3 DMX Lighting Touch Controller

When it comes to upscale, and intuitive lighting control the STICK DE-3 is one of the most well established designs in the world of stand alone DMX control interfaces. Powered by the ESA Pro show editing software, the STICK DE-3 can be programmed to suit many different kinds of aesthetic, colorful looks and dimming patterns. It is also packed with different connectivity and triggering options which allow its incorporation to other systems, or larger systems of scale. Easy to use and with a beautiful touch panel design available in both black and white, this device is sure to fit into any project.

When designing The SIRS-E Showroom’s multiple layers of lighting and control, the STICK DE-3 was selected as the main controller for the basic RGBW and dimming functions due to its robustness and flexibility. The sleek shape factor and the fact that this controller offers a very intuitive control layout, it allows the users interacting with the showroom displays the ability to understand its functions easily and with minimal instruction.



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