This installation utilized both RGB and RGBW 4 in 1 Warm white strips to accomplish Grappa. Depending on the time of day or event being hosted, The 4 in 1 strip gives you complete control over whatever scene you are trying to set. In this instance, they opted for the warm white addition to offer a classic bar theme while allowing for the utilization of RGB for a nightclub scenery. This is a perfect example of how a 4 in 1 diode brings together the best of both worlds without sacrificing density or necessity of combining two strips. Simultaneously, a 4 in 1 diode strip allows for a 4th color mix which provides the ability to create fantastic pastels.

Mimosa - 6

Mimosa - 5

Mimosa - 4

Mimosa - 3

Mimosa - 2

Mimosa - 1