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White LED Strip 5050 & WP

Shop our selection white LED strips. They range from warm, white, and cold white. The entire selection is available in both normal and waterproof versions. Don’t have a lot of room to work with on your LED application? Check out our selection of 3528 White LED Strips!

  • 5050 Warm White– a natural cozy lighting solution that is great for home applications such as cabinet lighting or restroom lighting.
  • Cool White– these lights have a bit of a bluish tone to the white. It has a futuristic feel and is great for any application where there’s a desire to really highlight something.
  • Neutral White–there are no bluish or yellowish colors in these LED light strips, it’s the closest to pure white that you can get. It’s perfect for home use if you’re looking for a more modern effect.

Read more about the differences between the different LED strips and their applications here.

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