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Digital LED UL Strip

The SIRS-E® PIX Digital Series utilizes integrated IC Technology per LED to communicate and reproduce millions of colors. Create captivating effects that are limited only by the imagination of the user. The slim 10mm profile allows it to fit into various mounting channels for multiple lighting applications. Easily mountable utilizing 3M VHB Aero-grade; engineered to dissipate heat. Take advantage of this UL Class 2 Listed professional grade of Digital RGB LEDs.

SKU Color Input Voltage IP Rating Length Datasheet Action
PIX-5RGB-6040 RGB 5V IP40 16.4ft(5m) PDF
PIX-5RGB-6068 RGB 5V IP68 16.4ft(5m) PDF
PIX-12RGB-6040 RGB 12V IP40 16.4ft(5m) PDF
PIX-12RGB-6068 RGB 12V IP68 16.4ft(5m) PDF


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