We Are Thankful!

We wanted to share a word from our CEO, Diego Iorio. It inspires us, so we thought it could inspire all of you to face 2021 with a positive spirit:

“We are lucky. We work in a bright, positive environment in contact with creative and positive people. We challenge technology every day, with new horizons and more advanced solutions. Our linear lighting and control systems make life brighter, clearer, more livable and easier. Our technology supports the most special and sophisticated wished of customers and the creations of light designers. No one is luckier than the members of the SIRS-E® team. Thanks to our customers, our suppliers, and our employees for having gone through the toughest year ever together. Now, we’ve laid the foundations for a better, brighter year. I feel lucky to be SIRS-E®.”

Diego Iorio
SIRS-E Founder/CEO