Retrofit Your 2×4 Fluorescent Lighting with Efficient LEDs

Now is the perfect time to get rid of those fluorescent tubes in your 2 x 4 fluorescent lighting fixtures and replace them with LEDs and SIRS-E is making it easier than ever to switch with our new Retrofit Kit. This kit comes with everything you need to switch over to a more efficient lighting solution that will give your place of business a clean and professional look. But why switch over in the first place?

Negatives of Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamps come with a wide array of problems ranging from annoying to dangerous. To start, fluorescent lights can cause a big dent in your electric bill by being relatively inefficient and by forcing your AC to work extra hard due to the heat emission. They are also relatively short lived and require constant maintenance every couple of years. More annoying is the flickering, discoloration and black spotting that affects fluorescents as they near the end of their life cycle, which has shown to be a common cause of eye strain, migraines and stress in the workplace. On the dangerous end of the spectrum is the UV light produced by fluorescents which can actually degrade paint and bleach fabric as well as cause damage to your skin after prolonged exposure. The mercury components used in their construction are also hazardous if the lamp is broken as well as harmful to the environment, making it difficult to dispose of them.

led fluorescent fixture 2 x 4

Benefits of LED Lighting

LEDs eliminate virtually all of these problems and include several more benefits, the most recognizable being greatly lowered power consumption and reduced maintenance. LEDs can often last up to 5 to 7 times the life span of fluorescent lamps and operate at a much lower temperature. An additional benefit is that LEDs are functional in cold weather, where fluorescents tend to lose light output as the temperature decreases. Concerning safety, LEDs emit absolutely zero UV rays and contain no mercury, making them easier on the eyes and safer for the environment. On a superficial level, LEDs give off a much crisper white light which gives your place of business a sleek and modern ambiance, and instant switch-on eliminates the “warehouse look” of fluorescent lamps.

More information

The Retrofit Kit is available to order now and includes four 4 ft. dual-density neutral white LED segments, a power supply and all the connectors and adapters needed to plug in and go. Keep an eye out on our website for additional information and photos coming soon, as well as our YouTube channel for upcoming videos detailing the installation process.