High-Quality A-Grade RGBW LED Strip Features

Introducing: A-Grade RGBW LED Strip From SIRS-E

We’re excited to introduce you to our A-Grade RGBW LED Strip, it may be hard to believe, but it’s an even higher quality lighting product than our High Quality RGB LED Strip. We’ve invested many hours of research into this new product. It’s brighter, includes a warm white LED diode throughout the whole LED RGB Strip, the PCB board is made of a more pure copper, is thicker, and it’s an even more efficient solution than the High Quality RGB LED Strip version.

Improved Efficiency& Brightness

One of the primary reasons for buying and using LED lighting is because they are energy efficient and can result in long term savings. The key factors that contribute to the quality and therefore the level of efficiency include:

  • The thickness of the copper used in the PCB board
  • The pureness of the copper
  • The quality of the phosphor used in the LED chip
  • Consistent components within the LED strip

Not only is the SIRS-E A-Grade RGBW LED Strip is more efficient due to the fact that the PCB board thickness and copper purity are greater, it also has tangible differences in brightness and efficiency.

The brightness increase is due to the fact that we have implemented 1 LED dye per color as well as having a more pure phosphor. On every red, green, blue and warm white colors we have implemented individual LED dyes, this allows for a greater lumen per watt light output, as well as having less voltage drop throughout the whole RGB LED Strip.

The brightness of our newest LED strip is about 30% greater than our other High Quality RGB LED Strip but actually consumes less energy.

Optimal Color Mixing and Matching

One of things that set the RGBW LED Strip apart from our other LED Strips is the SMD 5050 Warm Whitediode integrated in the RGB LED Strip itself. After every 5050 SMD RGB diode we have implemented a true Warm White SMD 5050 diode for optimal color mixing. This allows you to achieve a solid warm white light and create millions of color palettes by mixing the red, green, blue, and warm white colors. You will have the ability to reach those hard to match pastel colors that are difficult to achieve with other RGB LED Stripson the market today.

Lighting Applications

The A-Grade High Quality RGBW LED Strip is an awesome lighting solution in a photography/film studio set. You can pair it with a controller to avoid LED flicker in video recording and produce state of the art videos.

Another popular application for the RGB warm white LED Strip is in architectural installations, such as illuminating an arch, movie theater steps, or perhaps even your own home. For certain, the architectural applications list goes on and on, and the only limit you have is where you don’t want to have light shining!

The list of applications is endless and we don’t want to take the fun out of your job but here are a few more ideas:

  • Wash your walls with color in addition to warm white light
  • Live events
  • Theatrical Lighting
  • Stage structures – concerts, shows, boxing matches and more

Don’t miss out on the chance to create the lighting effect you’ve always wanted to achieve, check out the newest LED Strip here: A-Grade High Quality RGBW LED Strip.