Under Cabinet Lighting – SIRS-E Break Room

The kitchen is a place where not just food happens. It is also a place of conversation, experimentation, and fellowship. Often times traditional kitchen designs have one or two main light sources. These set ups do not always provide the right type of lighting for all occasions. A soft, indirect counter light is a perfect addition to a kitchen lighting design due to its benefits and lighting options it affords the user. Over head task lighting is often times overwhelming when trying to set a more relaxed atmosphere. Under cabinet LED tape is perfect for achieving a great result with little modification of an existing kitchen or similar space. The SIRS-E break room kitchen was designed with under and above cabinet lighting. This gives the space a more modern look and also provides just the right amount of light for basic tasks. The AcuVivid White LED tape was used to light up the counters, offering no reflections on the counter top thanks to the orientation the LED Strip was mounted.

Under Cabinet Lighting 1

Under Cabinet Lighting 2

Under Cabinet Lighting 3

Under Cabinet Lighting 4

Under Cabinet Lighting 5