It is widely known that the LED delivers a superior light source; offering a long lifespan and impressive light efficacy. Knowing this, SIRS-E is committed to stay on-top of the most important production variables:

Chip and LED Package selection
Circuit design
Heat dissipation efficiency
Optimum current and voltage delivery to the diodes
Power efficacy
Junction temperature
Chromaticity and SPD Quality assurance

This is one of the ways in which we guarantee a superior, long lasting quality product. The admiration that we hold towards the LED technology ushers a sense of responsibility and commitment. Just as the LED was developed by brilliant intellects, it is of utmost importance to maintain this trend by brilliantly designing our products.

SIRS-E® has been operating since 2005 and specializes in the supply, consultation, and manufacturing of high-quality LED Strip lighting and DMX Control Systems. We design our LED strips in the USA and locally manufacture most of them. Find out more about us today. God bless America!!! Now and forever!! (Retail Online Store) (Main Website)