Every SIRS-E® lighting design involves a “human centric” approach. Humans need good lighting to live healthy; we suggest never underestimating the importance of artificial light in any environment in which you spend many hours of your daily life. Each SIRS-E® customer is made part of a project in which the human being will find himself in an ideal, natural, and extremely pleasant lighting condition. We invite you not to underestimate the lighting aspect in every part of your home, habitat, and/or work. While doing so, make a visit to the store pleasant instead of scaring off customers with negative influences created by bad lighting.

The interdisciplinary balance between the parameters of artificial lighting, natural daylight, architecture and technology creates the right light at the right time for each use. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) supports human health, well-being and performance through deterministic and holistic planning and implementation of the visual, emotional and, particularly, biological effects of light.

We provide linear LED lighting solutions for all requirements: Consumer products with the benefit of an optimized cost-performance ratio to professional products with best-in-class reliability and performance plus maximum flexibility regarding LED color uniformity, stability, and range of color temperatures from 2,700 K to 6,500 K (white).

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