SIRS-E for Earth Day, forever!

At SIRS-E®, we build green products for all your environmental-friendly installations.

The positive green impact of using SIRS-E® products is guaranteed by our experience in producing advanced components to achieve the perfect installation.

Our mentor and CEO, Diego Iorio, strives to guarantee the following four objectives:

  • SIRS-E® power factor correction can reduce the power consumption by 50% vs. other competitors
  • SIRS-E® linear LED light and optics can increase the efficiency from 35% to 48% vs. other competitors
  • SIRS-E® linear LED housings guarantees perfect cooling of the digital light source and increase LED life up to 90% vs. other competitors
  • SIRS-E® favors the use of recycled raw materials such as aluminum, plastic and copper; making up 70% of our products

Help us declare “There is no Planet-B”! Share this post to help us raise awareness for the preservation of our planet.

Now our websites will show a green SIRS-E® logo on all products that follow these four objectives of the SIRS-E® Green Philosophy.

Purchase your green SIRS-E® light element through our online store or request assistance from our service specialists for your next green project. (Full Product Line & Services) (Retail Store)