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Low Cost LED Light Strip

RGB LED Strip Low Cost IP40 60 LED Meter


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Product Description


  • RGB Color
  • Double Density 60 LED/m
  • Non Waterproof IP40
  • 16.4 ft / 5 m Reel
  • 12 V DC, 42 W, 1804 lm


RGB LED Strip S5050-LED-RGBWP Low Cost, lets you create millions of colors by just mixing red, green and blue colors. These multi-color, easy to install, LED RGB strip products can be used for general lighting and indoor accent lighting.

The  Low Cost RGB LED Strip & WP is the equivalent low cost product you will find on eBay and Amazon, and sometimes shipped directly from China, or you can buy this product directly from us and receive our technical support, we have also created a datasheet for each of the 4 variations we carry.

If you need 50% more light output, better quality, and warranty options, you would should consider the High Quality RGB LED STRIP & WP (Waterproof). Low Cost strips DO NOT include warranty options. 


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