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RGB Booster Amplifier 12 Volts

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Product Specifications:

  • Wattage-Actual (W): 150W
  • Working Temperature: -4 to 140°F
  • In/output Voltage: DC 12V
  • Dimensions: 115 * 64 * 22 mm (4 ½” * 2 ½” * ⅞” Inches)
  • Connecting Mode: Common anode
  • Recommended Current: 4A for each color
  • Max. Current: 6A for each color
  • Adapter (if included) is UL and CE
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Ideal for RGB LED lights.
  • It is compatible with all RGB light fittings which demand for 12V DC input voltage.
  • Its small size allows perfect designing ideas triggered by designers, architectures and project end users for achieving various color changing patterns.
  • Easy mounting and no sweat operation, controller even helps your LED lighting products controllable by people at bedroom, kitchen, office and gym.
  • Easy Installation
  • No Power Supply Included

This product is available with or without the 60 Watt Power Supply.  It’s also available with a European Power Supply.

This amplifier (booster) is optional. You only need it if you’re planning to use more than 10 meters (2 Reels of 5 Meters each) about 400 inches of our RGB LED’s strips. You will need one amplifier every 2 Reels.

It has the same drive capacity as the RGB LED RF Radio Frequency Controller:

144 watts. Detailed instruction manual is available. Ask for it! Designing large systems is easy with these amplifiers.

  •  3 signal inputs and outputs: Red, Green, Blue + Common anode (DC+).
  •  12 Volt DC input is required
  •  If you use our 150 watt power supply, this amp can operate 4 reels total.  You can use up to 6 reels with 2 amplifiers (boosters).
  •  You can increase the number of LED’s you can drive by adding additional amplifiers.

Product Applications:
This is an optional amplifier (booster) ideal for use with our RGB LED Strips.