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Klus Extrusion Plastic Cover, Frosted White for Extrusion B1888

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Tech Specs:

  • Color: Frosted White
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Light Transmission: 70%**
  • Cover Length: 1m (3.28′) or 2m (6.56′)
  • Suitable for Extrusions: MICRO, PDS4-ALU, PDS4-K, PDS-O, 45-ALU
  • Compatible with Fixture: KLUS B1888
  • Certification: UR



The Klus 1547 is one of Klus’ s most discreet yet elegant designed fixture cover for the Klus B1888 Aluminum fixture. The shape of the cover makes for an easy installation that ‘just clicks’ into place. This plastic cover is suitable for the protection of your LEDs inside the aluminum fixture. When combined with proper fixture and end caps, the setup is capable of withstanding most forms of dust and undesirable elements that can make LED strips dirty or cause them to deteriorate. This standard quality cover is great for installations in order to add that final touch to your project.



*Ideal for walkways, rails, stairs, signs, advertisement and cabaret, cabinet, furniture, landscape and architectural lighting.  This includes Cove, edge and Contours lighting.

*Easy installation dedicated for room-and deco-light!


** the values given in percentages are approximate values and because of the different optical phenomena occurring in the different extrusions, these values may differ slightly.

**To see how many meters you can use together, refer to the controllers specs.