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SNAP Lighting Control Panel

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  • Normally Closed (NC) Single Pole Relay ratings: 30A @ 277VAC Ballast 20A @ 120VAC Tungsten 20A @ 347VAC Ballast SCCR 18kA @ 277VAC Rated for 250,000 cycles
  • 120V/277V transformer line voltage input
  • Mixed voltages allowed in cabinet in accordance with NEC and local code requirements
  • Analog Outputs rated for 100mA per channel, sinking control
  • Analog Outputs rated for 10mA (ten mA) per channel, sourcing


The SNAP lighting control panels provide unified DMX512 control of 0-10VDC outputs and relay switching in a single enclosure. Intended for use with LED drivers requiring mains switching and 0-10V dimming, and for electronic fluorescent ballasts. Each SNAP Panel consists of an LC&D GR1400-series Blue Box relay panel with a Pathway Connectivity eDIN SNAP Panel Interface card. The interface provides single DMX512 channel control over the relay and analog output pairs, or allows separate DMX control of relays and analog outputs. The interface also provides full non-sequential DMX soft-patch for maximum flexibility.


  • Eight or sixteen normally-closed (NC) single-pole latching relays
  • Sixteen analog 0-10V outputs
  • Easy, front panel configuration
  • LED indicators for Power, DMX IN, processor and relay state
  • Adjustable DMX start address, or each output may be assigned a non-sequential DMX address
  • Analog outputs may be paired with relays for unified single DMX channel control, or control of relays and analog output may be split by assigning different DMX addresses to each
  • Outputs may be patched to Auxiliary Input dry contact inputs
  • User-settable relay trigger thresholds
  • Test features include on-board relay test and review of incoming DMX levels, on a channel-by-channel basis
  • DMX Thru connector and termination switch
  • Discoverable and configurable using RDM