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Pathport VIA12 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

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Pathport VIA 12 is a twelve copper port ( plus two miniGBIC) Gigabit Ethernet Switch designed specifically for lighng, sound and video signal roung in all entertainment producon systems, including live shows. Unlike switches designed and marketed for office and communicaon applicaons, VIA 12 is convecon cooled and ships as an unmanaged switch, pre-configured and op- mized for entertainment network use. Layer 2 and 3 management features are enabled and configured through the front panel interface and the free, Pathport Manager soFware tools.


  • Silent operaon: fanless, convecon cooled design
  • Illuminated LCD display and rotary encoder for seGng and displaying switch and port properes
  • Global properes editable from front panel interface: IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, VLAN configuraon, ring protecon, link speed, PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) allocaon
  • Properes displayed by front panel interface: Switch Name, Port Name, PoE usage, Serial Number, MAC address, firmware version, connected Pathports, link status
  • Supports Ethernet Automac Protecon Switching (rapid ring failure detecon and correcon)
  • Hardware support for Audio Visual Bridge (AVB) (requires future soFware support to unlock)
  • Ten Ethercon® RJ45 copper ports on front panel
  • Two Ethercon® RJ45 copper ports on rear panel
  • All copper ports support 10/100/1000 Mbit speeds
  • Two mini-GBIC ports on rear panel, for SFP fiber or copper modules (by others)
  • SD Card slot on rear, for switch configuraon archiving and restoraon
  • With auxiliary power supply, up to Class 3 PoE available on all copper ports
  • Wide range input power supply accommodates all countries mains voltage and frequency
  • Rugged 1 RU high aluminum housing fits 19” rack
  • Ships with rack-ears standard • Suitable for desktop operaon
  • Wall and truss or pipe-mount adaptors available as accessories
  • Advanced configuraon and firmware upgrades performed with Pathport Manager soFware