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Pathport Quattro 4-Port Node, rear XLR5F

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Four ports for less than twice the price. Same compact size – two units fit side-by-side in 1RU of space. PoE operation makes it an ideal choice for truss mount operation. Uses the same encoder/front panel LCD interface as the Octo – most users won’t need a computer to configure it.


  • Four DMX512 ports, individually configurable
  • DMX routing on a universe or channel-bychannel basis, merged or prioritized
  • Rugged cast aluminum housing
  • Address up to 64000 universes, depending on the protocol chosen

Supports the following Ethernet protocols:

  • Strand Shownet
  • Pathport Protocol
  • ArtNet
  • E1.31 Streaming ACN (sACN/Net3)
  • Ki-Net
  • DMX output speed and signal loss behavior are user-selectable
  • LCD/Encoder knob provide front panel configuration and status reporting
  • Compact size – 2 nodes can fit side-by-side in 1RU of rack space
  • Uses Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or an auxiliary 24VDC supply (by others) 
  • Rackmount ears included

Note on Front Connector Kits

The use of the front connector kit with a Quattro requires the full width of 1RU of rack space (so it is not possible to have two Quattros side-by-side and use the adapter kit). The adapter kit is typically used with the 6312 model. 

The Ethernet connector can also be brought to the front panel. Add the -RJ extension to the part number.  For example, a 6942-RJ is a four DMX output plus RJ45 Ethernet jack.

Operational note when using ArtNet or Shownet:

The ArtNet protocol is explicitly sent to a broadcast address, typically or  The Quattro must have its subnet mask set wide enough to include this broadcast address.  When using ArtNet, a Class A subnet mask of is recommended to ensure DMX output.

Shownet is explicitly sent to On a Shownet system, a Quattro should use an IP of 192.168.1.x and a subnet mask of