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eDIN LED Dimmer/DC Driver, 6-Channel


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Product Description

Pathway eDIN LED Dimmer modules provide DMX512 control over LED fixtures, with features such as user-definable MIN/MAX output, panic override, 0-10VDC auxiliary inputs and a “DMX present” relay.

Smooth fading, absent from many DMX LED controllers, is assured with an integrated 2,000 step fade processor. Current-sinking control allows each output LED zone to operate at a different voltage.  The DIN form factor makes installation, either in Pathway eDIN enclosures or your own cabinets, fast and easy.

The 1008 eDIN is a dimming interface, independent of the LED fixture and its power supply.  The 1008 will work effectively to dim any constant-current, non-dimming power supply feeding common-anode LEDs. LED fixtures should only be connected to the power supplies recommended by their manufacturers. The #1008 can also be used to drive components such as solid state relays and solenoid coils.



  •  User-set Grand Master maximum output
  •  User-set minimum output – even after loss of DMX
  •  0-10VDC analog input auxiliary control
  •  DMX present relay
  •  Dry contact closure “panic” override input
  • 6 DMX controllable variable DC outputs
  • Output 5-30VDC (external supply required)
  • Asynchronous 300Hz pulse width modulation
  • Powerful fade smoothing to 2,000 steps
  • RDM support for discovery, remote addressing, and firmware update
  • LED display and pushbuttons for configuration
  • 1500V DMX input opto isolation with self-resetting 250V fault protection
  • 2500V isolation between all outputs protects against accidental grounding of fixture wiring
  • End-of-line termination switch
  • Status LEDs for power, DMX input
  • Pluggable screw terminals for all connections
  • DMX pass-thru connector
  • Snap-on DIN rail housing
  • DIN rail mounting section included


Model Description:

1008 eDIN 6 channel LED Dimmer/DC Driver




Current rating 4A at 24VDC per output channel (96W max)
Card Power Supply 9-30 VDC, 5W supply required.Use eDIN 1001 power supply or equal.
Load Power Supply 5-30VDC (not included – see fixture manufacturer’s recommendations)
Size  3.5″ x  8″ x 1.25″ (90mm x  200mm x 30mm )
Mounting 35mm x 7.5mm DIN rail (included)






 1001-30 eDIN standard 30W power supply
 1103 eDIN Rack Mount Panel Kit (2RU)
 1105  eDIN Small Enclosure
 1106  eDIN LargeEnclosure





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