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eDIN Analog-to-DMX, 24-Channel


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Product Description


Pathway’s eDIN Analog-to-DMX Interface converts 24 analog signals or contact closures into DMX.  An on-board DMX merger can combine the converted signal with other DMX sources, such as consoles or architectural controllers.  Twenty-four preset looks can also be recorded into the card and recalled via contact closure.The DIN form factor makes installation in your own enclosures or cabinets fast and easy.


  • Convert 24 Analog 0-10V inputs into DMX
  • Contact closure input mode
  • Built in DMX merger permits operation in-line with a console
  • User-assignable priority (analog over DMX or DMX over analog)
  • Selectable DMX start address
  • 24 Snapshots with looping capability and “back-up look”
  • RDM discoverable and configurable
  • Full RDM reporting of analog levels
  • Easy to use configuration interface
  • Pluggable screw terminals for all connections
  • DMX pass-thru connector
  • Snap-on DIN rail housing
  • DIN rail mounting section included



  • Analog house light/worklight control input
  • Console backup or show saver
  • Retrieve input level information from common 0 – 10VDC sensors, via RDM
  • Simple switch or button input interface for DMX devices
  • Basic playback controller


Model Description:

1006  eDIN 24-way Analog-to-DMX Interface


Inputs  24 inputs, 0-10VDC
Power Supply  9-30 VDC 5W supply required.
Use eDIN 1001 power supply or equal.
Size  3.5″ x  6.3″ x 1.25″ (90mm x  160mm x 30mm )
Mounting  35mm x 7.5mm DIN rail (included)




1001 eDIN standard 24VDC, 30W power supply
1102-30 Additional  30cm (12″) section of DIN rail
1103 eDIN Rack Mount Panel Kit