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Sunlite Magic 3D Easy View

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Real-time offline 3D visualizer. USB-DMX interface. 2 DMX IN universes (1024 channels, male-male converter required for 2nd universe). Works with Magic 3D Easy View 3D visualizer software only (not compatible with ESA, ESA Pro, Suite 1 and Suite 2 software). Delivered with a USB cable and installation CDROM including user manual. Compatible with Windows XP/VISTA/SEVEN 32/64-bit.

GENERAL MAIN USE: Stage Production/Theatrical
Type  3D Visualizer
3D Visualizer  3D Easy View FULL
SSL profiles  Yes
Interface input  Yes
Pins 3 pins

Real-Time 3D offline Visualizer

Powerful and easy to use

Magic 3D Easy View is a 1024 USB/DMX-IN interface which is compatible with the Easy View 3D visualization package in FULL MODE. It allows you to connect a DMX signal from any controller (console/desk, software) to your computer.

When the Magic 3D Easy View interface is connected, it is also possible to use several other other forms of communication over Ethernet protocols (ArtNet, Sand-Net, ACDI, MEVP) from the lighting desk to the computer.

Note: A male-male XLR converter is required to gain access to the second DMX input universe.

Start the software and choose to receive DMX signal from USB or Ethernet
When you start Magic 3D Easy View, the software will search for DMX-IN interfaces in your computer’s USB ports. If no interfaces are installed, only DEMO mode will be available (limited features and tools). If the software finds an interface, you can choose to receive the DMX signal from the USB interface or via one of the available protocols of Ethernet communication:

  • Art-Net
  • SandNet
  • ACDI (Avolites)
  • MEVP (compatible Magic 3D Easy View protocol)


Insert your lighting fixtures and objects using our extensive libraries. With a few clicks on the mouse, you can place your lighting fixtures and objects on your stage. Thanks to our new Patch Manager tool, you can have a quick and visual access to the 4 available DMX universes. We have more than 2000 lighting fixtures, along with 500 different gobos in our profiles library, and still growing. The ScanLibrary Editor software is included, making it possible to create your own libraries/profiles in just a few minutes.


Manage your objects: resize, move, rotate, duplicate, group, assign colors/textures. After selecting and inserting objects from the library on the stage, you can modify their position, orientation, color, and size. Our 2D views facilitate the positioning of the objects in space using the drag&drop function. Using layers, it is now easier to manage both objects and fixtures. For example, you can use one layer for trusses, another one for fixtures, people, etc. assigning different colors to each to distinguish them easier.


USB-DMX IN interface required.
Our USB/DMX-IN interface is used to connect the DMX output from your desk/board/console to your computer. In Ethernet mode (Art-Net, SandNet) the interface becomes the key (dongle) to access advanced features such as 2D views, fire plans, video