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Enttec RDM USB PRO Mk2 Kit

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Complete ENTTEC RDM Kit includes our latest USB PRO Mk2, enabled for RDM and a full license key to use the PRO MK2 with RDM Controller and RDM Sniffer Apps. ENTTEC RDM Kit includes:

  • DMX USB PRO Mk2 (70314)
  • RDM License Dongle (70511)
  • ENTTEC Zip Case (70317)
  • USB Cable (50282)
  • 5pin DMX Breakout cable (79146)
  • 5pin DMX Terminator (79122)

Using our widely used RDM Applications, you can easily find, address and configure all supported RDM devices. Test your own RDM devices to ensure they conform to standards, or use this kit for many supported RDM commands.

RDM Controller Features

  • RDM Discovery : detects all RDM devices and adds them to the list
  • Sub Devices: detects any sub devices for a selected device
  • Device Info: view a detailed summary of the device
  • DMX : change DMX personality and DMX start address for the fixture
  • GET and SET for all PIDs (even user defined)
  • Monitor your fixture for any sensors with easy to view info
  • Conforms to full ANSI E1.20 (2006) RDM standard
  • Drag & drop RDM patching
  • Advanced RDM Get/Set (send any manufacturer PID)

RDM Sniffer Features

  • Live Mode: Captures all RDM/DMX packets and displays them live
  • Diagnosis: Processes packets as received for possible errors/ timing delays
  • Import/Export: Save the packet list for future usage & import later to compare
  • Disk Mode: Captures all RDM/DMX packets to disk for future use
  • DMX Flicker Finder: Identifies Flicker within captured DMX packets
  • RDM Packet Breakdown: Breaks down RDM Packet into easliy readable chunks.
  • Raw Packet Data: Shows packet data per byte, on doble click.
  • Statistics: Displays average, max and min values for RDM/DMX packets received.