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CueTouch LCD Touchscreen

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CueTouch is a fully customizable lighting control access point for CueServer. Use CueTouch to add colorful, easy-to-use on screen controls to virtually any lighting or multimedia control project that uses one or more CueServer lighting control processors.

The CueTouch CT-400 includes a bright active-matrix TFT LCD panel, an attractive but ruggedized vandal-resistant front panel, full Ethernet connectivity and a powerful processor capable of handling interactive graphics and complex logic operations.

Key Features

  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Design and manage entire CueTouch installations with Qlarity®
  • Communicates with one or more CueServer DMX processors
  • When used via CueServer, control lighting, effects and other DMX controlled equipment
  • Use multiple LCD panels and/or multiple CueServer processors for complex systems
  • Wide variety of programming functions available through Qlarity
  • Vandal-resistant, hardened front panel and display glass

Included Items

  • CueTouch LCD module
  • Freely downloadable CueTouch LCD Toolkit package