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The Nicolaudie Architectural Easy Stand Alone series include 3 options with different levels of capabilities. All 3 models include dry contact port triggering interfaces which are choice for architectural applications that require an easy to use button scene trigger option with additional hardware. Scenes are also triggerable via 3 mechanical buttons placed on the chassis. These interfaces can be easily plugged into a computer for live use via USB or Ethernet connection as well the ability to utilize as stand alone units. 

SLESA Series

USB connection
Ethernet connection
DMX Recorder Software (PC)
Easy Stand Alone Software (PC)  •
Easy Stand Alone 2 Software (PC/Mac)   •
ESA Pro Software (PC)
Easy View 3D Software (PC)  Limited Mode Limited Mode Limited Mode
DMX Channels 256 512 2×512
Number of Scenes 20 99 250
Number of Zones 1 1 5
Stand Alone Memory 20K 128K microSD
Memory Capacity (steps) w/ 20 Ch.  1184 7677 Unlimited
Memory Capacity (steps) w/ 60 Ch. 439 2877 Unlimited
Memory Capacity (steps) w/ 512 Ch. 355 Unlimited
Internal HE10 Ext. Connectors
Ports Triggering 8 8 8
Clock Triggering 100 40
Infrared Remote Control IR-REMOTE
Optional Power Supply   POWER1_US (US)  POWER1_US (US)  POWER1_US (US)
Mobile App Controllable