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MADRIX KEY & NEO Update V2.X to V3.X


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Product Description

New Features with V3.X

  • Control 3D matrices
  • 256 Storages
  • 256 Storage Places per Storage
  • New effects
  • Many new Preview Window features

IA-SOFT-001032: Update: MADRIX KEY start V2.X → V3.X
IA-SOFT-001033: Update: MADRIX KEY dvi start V2.X → V3.X
IA-SOFT-001028: Update: MADRIX KEY basic V2.X → V3.X
IA-SOFT-001029: Update: MADRIX KEY dvi V2.X → V3.X
IA-SOFT-001030: Update: MADRIX KEY professional V2.X → V3.X
IA-SOFT-001031: Update: MADRIX KEY ultimate V2.X → V3.X
IA-SOFT-001034: Update: MADRIX KEY NEO V2.X → V3.X


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