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Enttec Show Buddy for DMXIS

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Being a one man operation is a tough job. Sometimes a little help goes a long way. You may have to pack up, set up, play and pack up again all on your own. So when it comes to lighting you might have conformed in the past with a boring still lighting preset, or your fixtures in some sort of auto mode with no control over them. Well now with Show Buddy, you can be a one man band with an intense and dynamic lighting show all controlled by you, while playing.

The Show Buddy is a Lighting automation software from db audioware that was specifically designed to work directly with the DMXIS interface and software. The DMXIS is not included in the Show Buddy package. This software has the capability of taking all of your presets created in the DMXIS software into a time line attached to a song, and all of the different cues and presets are triggered automatically as the song progresses.

Show buddy is compatible with Mac and PC, so both users can use all of its amazing features without having to compromise on operating system preference. Show Buddy, just like DMXIS is compatible with any MIDI controller, allowing you to use MIDI if that is what you prefer. Show Buddy is constantly being bettered, so updates are periodically available to keep your Show Buddy up to par with the latest technology.

The easy to use visual layout of the Show Buddy software, compliments the simplicity of the drag and drop technique which is widely used in the software. Audio tracks are added to the track library in the Show Buddy software from your computer’s storage space. Each track can be selected and a lighting show can be created which will run on its own once all cues and preset triggers have been set.

Each song can have different lighting presets triggered where ever you want, allowing you to give each song a different mood using lighting techniques. You will be performing a show just like a pro without the need of a lighting guy. A list of songs can be setup for a show, each with its individualized preset triggers. The list can flow automatically from song to song, or you can trigger the beginning of each song from a foot switch.

To fine tune your show, and to make sure everything is flowing perfectly, Show Buddy has the capability to learn the tempo of a song, and synch each of the different lighting triggers perfectly so that the audio matches with the lighting. Show buddy also has a visualizer which allows you to preview the show prior to actually setting up your entire lighting rig. The visualizer works in real time, so what you see in the visualizer is what your lighting rig will do.

Show Buddy and DMXIS is the perfect combo if you are looking to expand your live show to a new level. Having such authority over your lighting rig without the need of a lighting technician will allow you to cut costs on your production. By cutting production costs you will be able to have more profitable gigs. Show Buddy pretty much pays for itself.

Show Buddy is very easy to use, and the learning curve is slim, compared to other similar software. If you are looking for a one man lighting setup, Show Buddy is the right tool for you. So quit performing the boring way, and update your rig with Show Buddy and the Enttec DMXIS. Everybody will tell the difference in your show, allowing you to captivate the audience in a more efficient way.