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LumiDesk Series

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The LumiDesk Software is a powerful tool which will enable you to create amazing lighting shows with premium organization and ease. You can easily edit, change and trigger different cues, scenes and different lighting parameters from the comfort of any PC. Stand alone memory is also available in certain LumiDesk interfaces; which will allow you to record and play all of your DMX values without the need of a computer. Simply install the latest version of the LumiDesk software, patch your lighting fixtures onto the virtual DMX universe(s), and begin creating amazing and stunning shows from your computer. Different Keyboard keys can be assigned to trigger scenes and cues, as well as MIDI integration through a MID controller or keyboard. Possibilities are endless with LumiDesk!

LumiDesk Live Packages

LumiDesk Nano
LumiDesk Live
LumiDesk Ultimate
3D Visualization Limited Limited Full
Profile Library
DMX Output 128 2 x 512 3 x 512
128 512 (in/out) 512 (in/out)
Operating Systems Windows 7+ Windows 7+ Windows 7+
Software LumiDesk LumiDesk LumiDesk
Stand Alone Memory SD Card
MIDI Triggering Limited
IR Triggering
Ports Triggering
Optional Power Supply
Power1_US (US) Power1_US (US)
   ldnano_694 ldlive_695 ldulti_696