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Enttec Storm 24 ArtNet to 24 DMX output ports RJ45 Ethernet

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The Enttec Storm 24 is a 24 universe Ethernet to DMX converter. It is a very cost efficient item when a multitude of DMX universes are needed, especially for pixel related applications. With an easy to read LCD display on the front of the unit, allowing the user to freely set and configure all necessary parameters, and the hassle free navigation keys, the Enttec Storm 24 is a great product even for beginners. With the cost calculated to about $65 per universe, it has never been more affordable to build a multi universe project.

The Enttec Storm 24 is the size of a rack space, so if multiple units are needed, they can all be fitted in a single rack for a clean and organized look. With RS232, 2 USB ports, and an RJ45 Connector for a 10 base-T Ethernet connection, the Enttec Storm 24 is a very versatile product.

With a configurable DMX refresh rate from 1HZ -> 44Hz you can be sure that the Storm 24 will provide you with all the right settings. Break time is also configurable, from 88us to 1ms. The Storm 24 is also compatible with other protocols such as: ESP, Art-Net, Streaming ACN, and Kinet.

All changes to configuration are done with the web browser utility, allowing the user to change all necessary parameters with the ease of flowchart-style interface. The DMX pin out for this device is: Pin1: Data + Pin2: Data – and Pin7: Ground. This makes it compatible with many other RJ45 DMX style devices.

Multiple profiles can be selected, which aid the Storm 24 in utilizing the many resources available to perform certain lighting control tasks. The Storm 24 has factory set profiles to get you started, but once you know what you need, these can be edited, and you can even create your own from scratch, to custom fit specific functions required to perform certain lighting control tasks. This device allows you customize each and every aspect of control that is needed for the many different lighting set ups that you may encounter.

For example; if you have 20 DMX LED strips from SIRS-E and you need to set them up in a screen style configuration, with the Enttec Storm 24, you can incorporate them all in a single control interface which can be easily connected to your Madrix software, allowing you to set the whole system up more efficiently, and at a lower price.