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Yamaha SPX90 Multi-Effects Processor (Used)


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Product Description

The Yamaha SPX90 is an amalgam of advanced acoustical research and digital technology designed to provide musicians and home recording enthusiasts with a wide range of exciting effects.

The Yamaha SPX90 Digital Multi-Effect Processor utilizes highly refined LSI (Large Scale Integration) technology to create natural reverberation. Not only is its assortment of 30 preset effects comprehensive enough to suit most studio and performance applications, the SPX90 also allows you to create up to 60 additional effects and store them for instant recall.

The SPX90 can create effects far beyond mere reverberation, though that in itself is of a truly superior quality. A variety of echo, delay, and special effects – each with comprehensive parameter and adjustments – can be accessed at the touch of a switch. And as the Yamaha SPX90 is MIDI-compatible, it can be programmed to apply separate reverberation effects to a variety of MIDI compatible instruments.

The SPX90 Digital Multi-Effect Processor will prove extremely useful in a variety of applications: acoustic electric, PA, MIDI instrument, and home recording systems.

Input Number of Channels: Unbalanced x 1 (Phone Jack); Nominal Level: -20 dBm/+4 dBm, Selectable; Impedance: 10 k-ohms; Level Control: Volume, Max. Gain +12 dB; Level Monitor: 7 points LED
A/D Conversion Number of Channels: 1; Sampling Frequency: 31.25 kHz; Quantization: Linear 16 Bit; Band Width: 20 Hz to 12 kHz
D/A Conversion Number of Channels: 2; Sampling Frequency: 31.25 kHz; Quantization: Linear 16 Bit; Band Width: 20 Hz to 12 kHz
Output Number of Channels: Unbalanced x 2 (Phone Jack); Nominal Level: -20 dBm/+4 dBm, Selectable; Impedance: 600 ohms; Mixing: Direct Signal, Effect Signal; ByPass: ON/OFF
Memory Presets (ROM): 1 ~ 30; User Memory (RAM): 31 ~ 90 (Non Volatile) All parameters except Input Level, can be memorized. Key On triggers the program 18, 19, 20, 28, and 29
MIDI Control MIDI Channel (1 to 16, OMNI), (4 banks), Program Number (1 to 128) Note on/off is recognized only for pitch change A, D and freeze B
Front Panel Display 16 character 2 lines LCD x 1, 2 digits numeric LED for Memory Number, 7 points level meter LED
Knob Input Level Volume
Keys Parameter/Balance/Data Increment/Data Decrement; Memory Store/Recall/Data Increment/Data Decrement; Utility/Foot Trigger/Bypass
Electric Characteristics Dynamic Range: Reverb, more than 75 dB; Delay, more than 81 dB; Distortion: Bypassed Signal, less than 0.01%; Effect Signal, less than 0.03%; Band Width: Bypassed Signal, 20 Hz to 20 kHz; Effect Signal, 20 Hz to 12 kHz
Power Supply U.S. & Canada Models: 110V – 120V, 60 Hz, General Model: 220V – 240V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption U.S. & Canadian Models: 20W; General Model: 20W
Dimensions 480mm (W) x 45.2mm (D) x 285mm (H) (18 7/8″ x 1 3/4″ x 11 1/4″)
Weight 3.2 kg (7 lbs)
Optional Remote Control (model RC7) Preset Program 1 ~ 30, User Memory 31 ~ 37