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LED Tape Lighting Simplified.

Why choose SIRS-E?

Professional Grade Materials and Total Support.

Who We Are

SIRS-E is for reputation-conscious PROs in the lighting industry with demands for quality LED lighting products.

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SIRS-E is for reputation-conscious professionals in the lighting industry, with a demand for quality linear LED lighting products. SIRS-E’s service centered vision and complete product support will give you a leg up over your competition because of our well allocated resources, competitive pricing, and superior quality products.

Our Mission

SIRS-E outcompetes. We offer FULL PRODUCT SUPPORT, from conception to implementation with our procurement team.

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To offer FULL PRODUCT SUPPORT, from conception to implementation. With a knowledgeable procurement design team, and over a decade of experience in the LED tape lighting industry, SIRS-E has the ability to offer what others can not – peace of mind. Propose YOUR specs with confidence, knowing SIRS-E is on your side.

We're Picky About Quality

Not all LED tape light is the same. If it’s not the best we can make, it’s not worth our time. We strive to be the best in the industry.

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If it’s not the best we can make, it’s not worth our time. As we all know, LED tape lighting has many levels of quality, performance, and pricing. Not all LED tape light is the same. Here at SIRS-E we only offer the best. Our primary interest is to ensure all of the products we make are up to our high standards. With a strong focus on R&D efforts we are able to deliver a wholesome, reliable product. All electrical, photometrical and material aspects are carefully taken into account when developing the products. SIRS-E products are UL listed, lab tested, and engineered with performance, quality and pricing in mind. Lab info is available on our website and upon request.

LED Strips At A Glance

Product CRI LM/ft  W/ft
White 2700k 95.9 315  4.6
White 4000K 96.3 330  4.6
White 5500K 95.5 329 4.6
RGB NA 231 4.6
RGB W2700K 82.0 404  6.62
RGB W5500K 82.5 428  6.62
RGB Amber NA 266  6.62
RGB W5500K CC 82.8 443  6.90

How Sirs-E Makes It Easy